Awal Corporation Services


To carry on and maintain the business of Contractor, Architect, Engineer, Supplier, in any Private or Govt. Building Construction, PWD, Roads and Highway Department, Power Development Board, Water Development Board, LGED, LGRD, Facilities Department, Railways, BIWTA, BIWTC, Steel mills Corporation, Chemical and all other Govt. Semi Govt. Sector Corporation Private Concern and to participate in any Domestic and International Tender. And to import, export and carry on the business of all sorts of construction chemical and construction equipments.


To lay out supervise, develop construct, build, erect, demolish, re-erect, alter repair, remodel or do any other work in connection with any buildings schemes mills factories roads, highways docks, ships, sewers, bridges, canals, wells, springs series. dams power plants bony wharves, ports, reservoirs, embankment, telephonic, telegraphic and power supply works or any other structural or architectural work of any kind whatsoever and For such purpose to prepare estimates, designs, plants, specifications or models and such other or any act that may be requisite thereof.


To carry on the business of Constructors Builders, Erects, Engineer, Structural and Architecture designers, contractors, civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Metallurgical, Electronic, Telecommunication, Bio-medical, Computer Engineers and Consultants under taking to execute, contracts, to design, plan, build, fabricate, maintain, develop, improve work control and manage any buildings, road, bridges, railways, waterways, dockyards, Sea ports, Air ports, gas works, reservoirs electric power station, power sub -station, power sub- station, power transmission & distribution, heating, ventilation, Air conditioning (HAVC) and light supply works, telecommunication works, stores and other like works and to contribute or otherwise assist or part in the construction, maintenance development, working and management thereof.


To enter into any agreement with any authority, Government, Railway, Municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the companies objects or any of them to obtain any such authority and rights, privileges and concessions which the Company may think fit desirable to obtain and to carry out exercise and comply with any such arrangement, rights, privileges and concessions. To tender quotations and supply all sorts of materials and commodities in any government departments, semi-government departments, railway, corporations, municipalities, local bodies against their orders on commission basis.


To carry on the business of General Trading, Export and Import of all Commercial permissible items, Buying House, Clearing & Forwarding Agents, Freight Forwarding Indentures, Brochure, Manufacturing, Contractor, General Supplier, Buying & selling Agent. Wholesale and Distributors Dealers, Shipping Agents, Carrying of all and every kind of General and special products, Goods, Substance & Materials.


To carry on the business of construction of all kinds of Micro-wave Tower & Steel building erection, fabrication, suppliers & galvanizing, R.C.C overhead tanks.